10 Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat, Taylor Swift’s Favorite Pet Cat

PeekSeleb – Taylor Swift is famous as a world singer who is a cat lover. Taylor Swift has three cats namely Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin. Two of Taylor’s three cats, Meredith and Olivia, are Scottish Fold cats.

The Scottish Fold cat is one of the famous cat breeds with their unique ears that fold forward. This breed has interesting characteristics and has become a favorite among cat lovers around the world. What makes the Scottish Fold cat a favorite? Come on, take a peek at 10 unique facts about the Scottish Fold cat!

1. The Origin of the Scottish Fold Race

Scottish Fold
Source: Dr. Treats

The Scottish Fold cat was first discovered in 1961 in Scotland. A cat breeder named William Ross discovered a cat with naturally folded ears.

The cat was later named Susie, and her offspring formed the basis for the Scottish Fold breed we know today.

2. Folded Ears

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