10 Healthy Living Tips a la Gen Z, Maintain Physical and Mental Balance in the Digital Age

PeekSeleb – Generation Z, which consists of individuals born between 1997 and 2012, has an important role to play in changing the dynamics of lifestyle and health. With the great influence of technology in everyday life, Gen Z is faced with new challenges in keeping Gen Z healthy.

As the next generation, how can Gen Z live a healthy life? Come on, take a peek at 10 healthy living tips for Gen Z!

1. Stay Physically Active

healthy living
Source: Functional Physical Therapy

Modern technology often makes Gen Z less physically active. It’s important for Gen Z to allocate time each day to get moving.

Start with a simple exercise routine like walking, cycling or doing aerobic exercises at home. This will help improve fitness and maintain Gen Z heart health.

2. Eat Wisely

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