4 The Beauty of Nglanggeran Tourism Village, Revealing the Enchantment of Nature and Culture

PeekSeleb – Nglanggeran Tourism Village located on the slopes of the Ancient Nglanggeran Volcano, Yogyakarta, is a tourist destination that offers the perfect combination of stunning natural charm and deep cultural richness.

With stunning landscapes and rich history, this village has become a draw for tourists seeking unique and memorable experiences.

1. Stunning Natural Beauty


Photo: Katadesa

Nglanggeran is a village located at the foot of the Ancient Nglanggeran Volcano, which is one of the closest volcanoes to the city of Yogyakarta. The dramatic and stunning landscapes of this village make it a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano itself is a volcano that is no longer active, but has left amazing traces.

One of the main attractions in Nglanggeran Tourism Village is climbing to the top of the Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. This hike offers a challenging but rewarding experience with spectacular views that are a feast for the eyes. From the top of the mountain, climbers will be presented with extraordinary views, including expanses of green trees, beautiful valleys, and amazing volcanic rock formations.

Apart from mountain climbing, this village also has other natural resources that are no less interesting. There is a Japanese Cave which was a former shelter for Japanese soldiers during World War II. This cave holds interesting stories and history for visitors who want to know more about the past.

2. Deep Cultural Riches

Cabinet Secretariat

Photo : Cabinet Secretariat

Nglanggeran Tourism Village offers not only stunning natural beauty, but also deep cultural richness. The people in this village still maintain and preserve their customs and traditions with pride. Tourists visiting this village can be involved in various cultural activities, such as traditional ceremonies, traditional dances, and making handicrafts.

One of the famous cultural activities in Nglanggeran Village is the shadow puppet show. Wayang kulit is one of the Javanese cultural heritages that has high historical and aesthetic value. Visitors can enjoy an interesting and immersive shadow puppet show at Nglanggeran Tourism Village.

Apart from that, this village also has the Nglanggeran Precious Stone Craft Center, where visitors can see firsthand the process of making and processing precious stones. Precious stones such as jade, agate, and crystal are processed into beautiful and high-value jewelry. This craft center not only provides an opportunity to see unique handicrafts, but also provides a valuable learning experience.

3. Culinary Tourism and Accommodation

Indonesia Travel

Photo: Indonesia Travel

Nglanggeran Tourism Village also offers a delicious culinary experience with Yogyakarta specialties. Tourists can sample a variety of traditional Javanese dishes, such as nasi gudeg, satay klathak and bakpia. Restaurants and food stalls in the village serve fresh and authentic food, using high quality local ingredients.

For accommodation, this village provides various comfortable lodging options. There are traditional inns that offer an authentic stay experience with a quiet and comfortable village atmosphere. In addition, there are also villas and hotels that are modern and equipped with complete facilities to meet the needs of tourists who prefer comfort and luxury.

4. Natural Restoration and Sustainable Ecotourism

Village master plan

Photo : Village Masterplan

One of the noteworthy things about Nglanggeran Tourism Village is their commitment to nature restoration and sustainable ecotourism. This village has adopted eco-friendly practices in the management of their tourist destination. They are active in conserving the natural environment and carry out campaigns for reducing waste, saving energy, and using environmentally friendly materials.

Apart from that, this village also has environmental education programs that aim to increase the awareness of local people and visitors about the importance of protecting and preserving nature. Through this initiative, Nglanggeran Tourism Village is trying to ensure that its natural charm and cultural wealth can be enjoyed by future generations.

Nglanggeran Tourism Village is a tourist destination that offers stunning natural beauty and deep cultural richness. With stunning landscape views and interesting cultural activities, this village is an ideal place for tourists looking for a unique and memorable experience.

With a commitment to nature restoration and sustainable ecotourism, Nglanggeran Tourism Village also shows that natural and cultural beauty can be preserved in a responsible way. If you are looking for a tourist destination that combines nature, culture and sustainability, then Nglanggeran Tourism Village is the right place to visit.

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