5 Domino’s Pizza Menu Recommendations, Viral on TikTok Complete with Prices

PeekSeleb – Domino’s Pizza is a fast food restaurant that has mushroomed in Indonesia. On the other hand, recently social media TikTok has been horrified by one of the viral Dominos menus.

So what’s the name of the menu? Let’s take a peek at Domino’s Pizza menu recommendations that you must try below.

American Pie Supreme Cheesy

The first Dominos Pizza menu recommendation is American Pie Supreme Cheesy. Recently, this menu has gone viral on TikTok.

This pizza is different from pizza in general. Because, the bread filling is filled with a layer of cheese which makes the pizza thicker. For those of you who like cheese, this menu will make you love and addicted! You can try this pizza with prices starting at IDR 85,000.

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