5 Facts about Kim So Hyun’s Role in Drama My Lovely Liar, Has Supernatural Abilities

South Korea – Kim So Hyun will be making a comeback to the small screen through the latest Korean drama entitled My Lovely Liar, which she stars with Hwang Minhyun.

In the drama My Lovely Liar, Kim So Hyun has a special ability that finally brings her together with Hwang Minhyun’s character. Before starting to watch the drama My Lovely Liar, let’s take a peek at Kim So Hyun’s series of facts through the reviews below.

My Lovely Liar

1. In the drama My Lovely Liar, Kim So Hyun was hooked up to play a character named Mok Sol Hee.

My Lovely Liar

2. Mok Sol Hee has a special ability, namely being able to distinguish whether someone is lying or not when talking to her.

My Lovely Liar

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