5 Korean Actresses Have Played Actor Roles, Some Dare to Play Scenes 21+

South Korea – Since 2021, there have been many Korean dramas with the theme of extramarital affairs. The players even managed to become popular thanks to the drama of the affair.

Uniquely, the actress featured in the drama with the theme of an affair managed to stir the audience’s emotions. Sangkin totality, some of these actresses were attacked on social media, you know. Here’s the lineup!

Obsessed Movies

For lovers of the Korean entertainment world, you may already be familiar with the character Lim Ji Yeon in the film Obsessed. Lim Ji Yeon plays the character of an actor with a totality of even 21+ scenes. At that time, Lim Ji Yeon competed acting with Song Seung Hun.

Chansung 2PM and Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min also shocked fans some time ago, for playing the actor’s character in the drama Show Window.

Kim Soyeon

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