5 Signs that a Boy Doesn’t Love You Yet Still Survives, Bland Relationships!

PeekSeleb – At some point in the relationship, there are times when the affection between partners changes. Even if a guy continues to stay in a relationship, sometimes there are signs that his affection has waned.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the signs that can indicate that a guy may not have the same feelings for you anymore, but is still choosing to stay in the relationship.

1. Lack of attention and care

www.freepik.com/Drazen Zigic

Photo : www.freepik.com/Drazen Zigic

If a guy doesn’t care about his partner anymore, he might pay less attention and care about the things that are important to him. He may no longer be interested in hearing the stories or problems his partner is facing, and focus more on himself.


Photo : Freepik

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