5 typical Kediri souvenirs that are the target of tourists, unique souvenirs to delicious food

Kediri – In addition to the unique natural tourism potential, the city of Kediri also has a lot of culinary delights and unique items. If you visit this city, don’t forget to buy typical souvenirs, ranging from souvenirs to typical culinary delights.

The following are typical Kediri souvenirs that are a favorite of tourists every time they visit. Anything? Come on scroll!

Kediri Batiks

Batik Kediri has an interesting characteristic. These characteristics are found in the motif, namely the Batik Gumul motif which imitates the Simpang Lima Gumul (SLG) monument, a new icon of Kediri Regency which resembles the L’Arch D’triomph Monument in France.

2. Tofu Pong

Know Pong
Source: Official Website of the Government of Kediri

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