5 Ways to Build Relationships Between Parents and Children After Deciding Divorce

PeekSeleb – Netizens pointed out Kenzo Wibowo after shopping with Inge Anugrah. This was because before that, Ari Wibowo’s eldest son had outspokenly chose his father and insinuated that his mother had an affair.

Being a child whose parents are divorced is indeed difficult to build well as before. But there are tips on how to build a good relationship between parents and children when they decide to separate. Anything? Read more below

1. Open Communication

Parents' Day in Korea

Open and honest communication between parents and children is key in building a healthy relationship. It is important for parents to listen and understand their children’s feelings and concerns. Children should be given the opportunity to express their feelings without fear of being judged or criticized. Parents should be empathetic and respect their children’s feelings, even if it is difficult for them to accept the divorce situation.

2. Maintain a Steady Routine

Parents' Day in Korea

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