6 Ways to Make Juicy Lip Tint a la K-Beauty, K-Pop Idol Fresh Lips

PeekSeleb – The South Korean beauty industry has become a global center of attention thanks to innovative K-Beauty trends. One of the most popular trends is the use of lip tint which gives a juicy and fresh look to the lips.

One of the favorite Korean-style lip tints is the juicy lip tint. Moreover, many K-Pop idols often wear juicy lip tints. So, how do you make a juicy lip tint to get a dazzling K-Pop idol trend look? Take a peek at the following steps!

1. Choose Attractive Colors

juicy lip tint
Source: Koreaboo

The first step in creating a juicy lip tint is to choose a color that matches K-Pop trends. Usually, bright and fresh colors like pink, orange and pink are very popular. Choose the color that best matches your skin tone, personal style, and preferences.

2. Material Preparation

juicy lip tint
Source: The PA Doctor

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