6 Ways to Take Care of White Shoes So They Last Longer and Don’t Turn Yellow Quickly

PeekSeleb – White shoes are a popular and versatile item in fashion. However, one challenge that white shoe owners often face is how to keep them clean and white.

Dirt, stains, and dullness can make white shoes look dull and dirty. In this article, IntipSeleb will provide some tips and tricks for caring for white shoes so that they look white and fresh like new.

6 Ways to Take Care of White Shoes

White Shoes

1. Clean Regularly

Cleaning white shoes regularly is an important step in maintaining their whiteness. Try to clean your shoes after use, especially if they have visible stains or dirt.

Use a soft brush or sponge moistened with mild dish soap or detergent to clean the surface of the shoe. Rub slowly and avoid rubbing too hard so as not to damage the shoe material.

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