7 Beautiful and Exotic Natural Tourism in Wakatobi, Become a World Biosphere Reserve

Wakatobi – The Wakatobi region in Southeast Sulawesi has been designated by UNESCO as the 8th Earth Biosphere Reserve in Indonesia and the 598th in the world in 2012. In Wakatobi itself there are many beautiful natural attractions that you can visit.

For those of you who are interested in having a vacation to Wakatobi, here are recommendations for nature tourism in Wakatobi. Come on scroll Keep going!

Kontamale Cave
Source: Wakatobi Tourism Directory

1. Kontamale Cave is believed to be able to make matchmaking easier. Inside this cave there is a lake whose water is clear even though it has been used as a bathing place.

Lake Sombano
Source: Wakatobi Tourism Directory

2. Lake Sombano is in the middle of a Mangrove forest. This lake is a saltwater lake that allows visitors to swim safely.

Hendaopa Natural Baths

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