7 Tips for Anti-Crack Makeup When Invited, The Key to Looking Charming All Day

PeekSeleb – The invitation event is an important moment for every individual to look charming and charming. However, many of us often face a problem when the makeup we wear starts to crack or crack throughout the day.

To avoid this and ensure a flawless look throughout the event, here are some tips so your makeup doesn’t crack when you’re invited. Take a peek at Inselicious!

1. Good Skin Preparation

  Good Skin Preparation
Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Before you start applying makeup, make sure your skin is in good condition. Perform skin care routines such as cleansing, moisturizing, and using primer to prepare your skin for makeup. Clean, well-hydrated skin will help makeup adhere better and reduce the chance of cracking.

2. Use a suitable moisturizer

Use a Suitable Moisturizer
Source: Minimalist

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