After 4 years of leaving the group, Kangin, former Super Junior, explains the reasons for leaving


South Korea – Exactly 4 years ago, former Super Junior’s Kangin left the group. He also terminated his contract with SM Entertainment.

Recently, Kangin revealed the reason he decided to leave. What’s that? Read more below.

Kangin, former Super Junior, recently appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Others’ Lives’. In this episode, he went on a backpacking trip with the producers.

Furthermore, Kangin was also outspoken about the DUI (driving under influence) controversy he had done. When he confessed, he also felt guilty.

“I was definitely wrong. I did something I shouldn’t have done. I was 26 then, I’m younger than I am now, but that was the age when I knew what was right and wrong,” said Kangin, former Super Junior, on the Others’ Lives YouTube channel, as reported on June 28, 2023.

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