After Alchemy of Souls, Go Youn Jung was reported to be playing a drama by PD Hospital Playlist

South Korea – Go Youn Jung was recently reported to be starring in a drama directed by PD Shin Won Ho, who previously directed dramas Reply 1988, Prison Playbook, and Hospital Playlist.

Furthermore, someone from the entertainment industry leaked information regarding Go Youn Jung’s latest project with PD Shin Won Ho. Here’s more through the review below.

Go Youn Jung Will Work Together With PD Shin Won Ho?

Go Young Jung

Launching from JTBC on July 5, someone from the entertainment industry said that Go Young Jung had met with the production team.

“We understand that Go Young Jung recently had a meeting with the production team and discussed the project,” said the statement.

As you know, some time ago there were rumors that Shin Won Ho would make a spin-off or prequel to the drama Hospital Playlist. However, this immediately received rebuttal.

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