After Leaving P Nation, Jessi Revealed PSY’s True Nature

South Korea –Jessi recently met Los Angeles-based rapper Dumbfounded. The meeting was to record the Fun With Dumb podcast, and as usual, the veteran soloist was very open and honest when he answered questions.

In fact, Jessi talked about PSY after leaving P NATION. Here’s more!

Jessi discusses PSY after leaving P NATION

Source: Instagram/PSY

Last year, Jessi left P NATION, which was founded by veteran soloist PSY. In April of this year, he confirmed that he had found a new home at MORE VISION and signed to Jay Park’s label.

Jessi’s departure from P NATION while out of contract came as a shock to many fans, and when the news was released in July 2022, Jessi posted a short statement to her Instagram, asking fans for time to settle their minds.

He promised that “the truth will reveal itself in a matter of time.” Jessi set the record straight at her solo concert in October 2022 and clarified that she didn’t leave P NATION on a bad terms and is forever grateful to PSY.

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