After Sexual Harassment, HYBE Security Officers Made Chaos at Gimpo Airport While Escorting &TEAM

South Korea – Not long after the sexual harassment at the fansign venue, the HYBE security guard who handled &TEAM members again made the public nervous. This time, HYBE’s security officers caused a scene at Gimpo airport.

What’s it like in full? Come on, check the following!

The behavior of HYBE security officers at the airport

The unique behavior of the HYBE security guard guarding the Japanese boy group &TEAM has drawn criticism from K-Pop fans. Last weekend, Label HYBE issued a statement of official apology after it was revealed that security guards had conducted inappropriate “body searches” on fans during &TEAM’s fansign event in Korea.

Now, &TEAM members’ new recording of leaving Korea for Japan is once again drawing criticism. In one video, black-clad security guards can be seen violently pushing fans to make way for the &TEAM members. In another video, the &TEAM members are protected from fans by large black umbrellas while waiting to check-in for their flights. The security guard was heard shouting, “Move! Just go! How many times do we have to tell you?”

In another video, a security guard in a gray shirt shouts, “Don’t come out! Don’t come out, do you hear me?”, while pushing the phone away.

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