Again Involved in Scandal, Photo of Hwasa MAMAMOO Pensive at the Beach Makes You Worry


South Korea – Recently, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa was reported to the police because her stage performance was too vulgar. It’s not a matter of her clothes, Hwasa was criticized when she licked her fingers and then touched her sensitive parts.

Hwasa’s appearance ended up being reported by the Korean parent community. In the midst of facing this case, Hwasa drew sympathy when he made an upload on Instagram Story. Here’s more!

Daydream on the beach

Source: Instagram/mariahwasa

On July 11, Hwasa uploaded one photo on her Instagram Story without any captions. The released photo shows him standing on the beach looking at the waves. Many suspected that the woman shared on Instagram was not Hwasa, but many netizens commented that the scene of the woman watching the waves swirl reminded them of Hwasa who faced recent controversies around her.

Previously on the 10th, Chosun Ilbo reported that the Parents’ Association for the Protection of Student Human Rights had filed a police complaint against MAMAMOO’s Hwasa for her indecent appearance at a university festival in May.

Regarding this, Hwasa’s agency, P Nation, released their statement on the same day, saying, “We are aware that the police are conducting a preliminary investigation.”

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