Allegedly Coming to Military Service soon, eAeon Reveals Reasons for RM BTS to Cut Hair Shorter

South Korea – RM BTS’s latest update has fans worried after a photo of him getting his hair cut fueled assumptions of military enlistment closer. Then, aAeon also dismantled the reason why RM BTS cut his hair shorter.

So, what is the complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

At the beginning of the month, BTS’ RM shared an update on Instagram with ARMY. In these photos, it appears that the leader from BTS is hanging out with his friends but is also seen in the studio, which makes the fans excited.

However, the last photo worried fans because it showed RM BTS cutting his hair. Of course, when it comes to male idols of a certain age, a haircut always raises the assumption that military enlistment is imminent.

Considering that RM will be enlisting in the military this year, it is not surprising that fans are very worried about the photo. Many assume that BTS’s RM is slowly cutting his hair to prepare for enlistment, and as a way to make it easier for ARMY to accept it.

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