Already Considered Family, Rose BLACKPINK Was Shocked To Get An Invitation From Hommas

South Korea – Recently, a funny thing happened between a fan and two BLACKPINK members, namely BLACKPINK’s Rose and Jisoo at the airport. At that time, they were met by Hommas (fan page master who is already known by their own idol).

The funny thing is, Rose and Jisoo BLACKPINK were immediately surprised by a wedding invitation from Hommas. Here’s more!

Rose and Jisoo BLACKPINK’s hilarious interaction when receiving a wedding invitation from Hommas

In KPop fandom, having a good relationship between artist and fans is something very special. Each fandom even has a fan page master, like Hommas, a fan page that plays an important role in helping their idols to promote.

These Hommas even run a website or social media account which contains high-quality photos and videos of their favorite idols. Idols even know who they are.

Recently, a video of a cute interaction between the two BLACKPINK members and Homma Rose caught the attention of online users.

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