Annoyed, EXO Suho Opens Voice Criticized Continuously Regarding Mozart’s Musical Drama

South Korea – EXO’s Suho some time ago filled out a musical and got the role of Mozart. However, apparently this action received criticism from haters.

Expressing his annoyance, the idol immediately sent a message to the fans. Like what? Let’s take a peek at EXO’s Suho statement.

EXO’s Suho Annoyed and Opens Voice on Bubble

On July 9, EXO’s Suho took to Bubble to send a message to fans. He himself discussed the matter of people who criticized the musical Mozart in which he played.

Receiving a lot of bad reviews, the EXO member wondered why so many people were sending him negative responses.

“What’s wrong with some people? I don’t know why they keep doing this to me. They went around saying the musical had bad reviews. I don’t know why they make things like that.” wrote Suho EXO reported from Bubble on July 7, 2023.

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