Appear Sexy, Kwon Eun Bi Wears Bikini at the Japanese Waterbom Festival


South Korea – Kwon Eun Bi appeared in a bikini top at the Japan Waterbom festival. His sexy and cool appearance when singing also drew a lot of attention from fans.

What is the appearance of Kwon Eun Bi? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Kwon Eun Bi Looks Sexy

Kwon Eun Bi continues to make waves with her captivating stage presence and striking beauty at the ‘Waterbomb’ festival. On July 22nd, the popular K-Pop summer festival took place in Nagoya, Japan.

Yesterday, Kwon Eun Bi once again captivated the audience with her appearance and visual when wearing a bikini top that added a sexy image to her.

Previously, Kwon Eun Bi finally released her third mini album on October 12 last year. The album entitled Lethality on various music platforms, brings enhanced charm to its music and charming visuals.

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