Appearing with Sexy Shakes, Hwasa MAMAMOO Opens Voice After Being Accused of Obscenity

South Korea – MAMAMOO’s Hwasa previously received criticism and accusations of obscenity with her appearance on stage. Because it was busy, he opened his voice regarding this matter.

What is the clarification from Hwasa MAMAMOO? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Hwasa Open Voice


Photo : Instagram/Hwasa

Hwasa of Group MAMAMOO indirectly expressed her feelings about being accused of lewdness by civilian groups through her appearance on stage. Recently it was discovered that Hwasa appeared as a guest at the ‘Psy Drench Show Summer Swag 2023’ which was held at the Jinnam Sports Complex in Yeosu on July 15.

Meanwhile on today’s show, Hwasa said, “I’m worried my throat won’t come out. I’m more worried about this than sued.”

“I think this stage is very strange. The things we worried about and feared were all forgotten when we stood on stage,” said Hwasa as quoted by Naver on Monday, May 17, 2023.

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