Because of Drug Addiction, Nam Tae Hyun, former Winner, sells a house to pay Rp. 5.9 billion in debt

South Korea – Nam Tae Hyun, former Winner, conducted an interview with KBS for the In Depth 60 Minutest program. In the interview, Nam Tae Hyu recounted all of his scandals that had befallen him forever.

There is discussion about overcoming drug addiction to debt. Here’s the full article!

Nam Tae Hyun discussed drug addiction and debt piles

Nam Taehyun
Source: KBS

Nam Tae Hyun openly admits to his drug addiction past, rehab check-ins, and debts during his overcoming of scandals.

KBS held an interview with Nam Tae Hyun for a segment on the In Depth 60 Minutes program. During this segment, they spoke with Nam Tae Hyun about his struggles with drug addiction, debt, and rehab.

While working in the entertainment industry, Nam Tae Hyun talked about how he had to take diet pills, which are also classified as narcotics. He also talked about how he had to take sleeping pills because of his insomnia. Although he started off by taking medical-related drugs, he says how it paved the way for taking illegal drugs.

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