Big Screen Debut, Girls Day’s Yura Becomes the Main Actor of ‘Reboot: Glory Again’

South Korea – Girls Day member Yura is rumored to be playing the female lead for the Family Glory remake movie titled Reboot Glory Again. Girls Day’s Yura will be working with Yoon Hyun Min who was previously reported to be the male lead.

This is Yura’s debut on the big screen and at the same time being the main character of a film for the first time. So what is the information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below.

Yura Plays Family Glory Movie

Yura girls day

Launching from News1 on Monday, 10 July 2023 Yura Girl’s Day is reported to be the main character in the comedy remake of Family Glory.

This is his debut on the big screen and also becomes the main character of the film Reboot: Glory Again (temporary title). Reboot: Glory Again is a remake of the film Family Glory, one of Korea’s representative comedy series.

Family Glory, which will reboot 11 this year, has set the title as Reboot: Glory Again. Yoon Hyun Min was previously reported to be the male lead and Yura appeared as the female lead for the film.

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