Blush Nails Tutorial, Soft Red Nails K-Beauty Trend


PeekSeleb – The world of beauty continues to grow with new trends inspired by various cultures, one of which is the K-Beauty trend. One of the newest trends that is attracting attention is blush nails.

For those who like simple and minimalist, blush nails are perfect for you. So, what are blush nails and what’s the tutorial? Come on, take a peek at the article!

What are Blush Nails

  Blush Nails
Source: InStyle

The latest nail trend that has taken the K-beauty world by storm comes in the form of ‘blush nails’. Blush Nails is a manicure style that produces smooth, soft, and elegant nail appearance.

Inspired by blush or a soft pink hue on the cheeks, Blush Nails creates a similar effect on the nails. This style is perfect for a variety of occasions, from formal to casual events.

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