Bullied for 3 years because of multiracial, Jeon Somi once asked for surgery to be more ‘Korean’


South Korea – On July 13, Jeon Somi appeared on YouTube By PDC. In this episode, Jeon Somi talked about growing up as a multiracial child in Korea.

Despite having an attractive visual because of mixed blood, Jeon Somi has experienced being a victim of bullying. Want to know more? Come on, check the article below!

Ask your parents to do plastic surgery to make your face look more Korean

jeon somi
Source: YouTube/By PDC

When Jeon Somi was bullied for three years by a classmate, she once asked her parents to do plastic surgery. The biggest reason is so that her face is more Korean.

Jeon Somi didn’t even want to go to school before her face turned more Korean.

“I thought I was just living day by day. I told my mother that I didn’t want to go to school,” said Jeon Somi as quoted from the By PDC podcast on Friday, July 14, 2023.

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