Catharsis is a Way to Explode Your Emotions Within, Check Out the Definition, Benefits and How to Apply Them!


PeekSeleb – Catharsis is when a person expresses his emotions. Catharsis means pouring all that is in your heart freely.

Have you ever felt relief after watching an emotionally draining movie or after facing a situation that brought up intense feelings? If so, then maybe you have experienced what is known as catharsis.

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of catharsis and how this experience can provide powerful emotional cleansing.

how to apply catharsis

Catharsis is a term derived from the ancient theory of drama introduced by the classical Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Literally, catharsis means “cleansing” or “cleansing” in Greek. In the context of psychology, catharsis refers to the intense emotional experiences and emotional release that occur when a person experiences intense feelings, be they sadness, anger, or fear.

According to Aristotle, catharsis occurs when the audience experiences and releases their emotions by seeing the characters on stage experiencing emotional suffering or conflict. In drama, this conflict and suffering can include tragedy, loss, confrontation, or even crime. In the process, the audience indirectly feels the emotions raised by these characters, and in the end they feel relieved and their pent-up emotions are released.

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