Causes of Vibrating Knees, Dismantling the Myth of Sexual Satisfaction and Its Truth

PeekSeleb – The phrase ‘knees are shaking’ or knees are shaking is trending on Twitter. Investigate a calibaration, celebgram Hanum Mega revealed the alleged affair of her husband named Achmad Herlambang with a woman named Tama Tazia alias Zia.

Hanum Mega dismantled Achmad Herlambang’s chat with Zia discussing the satisfaction of their sexual relationship. In fact, Achmad hoped to be satisfied until his knees were shaking.

“Can we dance until our knees shake,” wrote Achmad Herlambang, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram Hanum Mega, 28 June 2023.

“Yes, we can drink stimulants first,” replied Zia.

But it turns out, the cause of the knee vibrate has no effect on sexual satisfaction. What causes the knee to vibrate? Launching various sources, this is the cause of the knee vibrating.

1. Calcification of the Knee

knees vibrate
Source: Medical News Today

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