Celebrate ARMY’s Anniversary, Here’s the Meaning and History of Fanbase Name Selection According to BTS

South Korea – On this day, July 9, 2023, BTS celebrates the birthday of their fanbase named ARMY. Investigate a calibaration, the choice of name turns out to have an origin and meaning in the word ARMY.

What is the meaning and history of its formation? Come on, take a peek at the full article below!

World BTS ARMY Day is held every July 9 or today. On that date the name ARMY was inaugurated as the BTS fandom, in 2013 to be precise.

Through the ‘ARMY Corner Center’ video, BTS members discuss the names of the fandoms they created before the name ARMY was born. Initially Jimin suggested the name ‘Cherry’, followed by RM proposing the names ‘The Bells’ and ‘ARMY’.

“July 9 is ARMY day,” said Jimin BTS quoted via YouTube BTS.

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