Celebrating 3 Years of Debut, Weeekly Will Release Special Content ‘230630’

South Korea – IST Entertainment’s group Weeekly celebrated their 3rd debut anniversary by releasing special content titled 230630. The June 30th in the title is Weeekly’s official debut date.

In the released Coming Soon video, Weeekly transforms into a ‘career woman’ by perfecting her office look by wearing a shirt and suit. So how is the information? Come on, check below.

Special Content 3 Years of Weekly’s Debut


Launching from WOW TV on June 30 2023, IST Entertainment said that they would release Weeekly’s video and content entitled 230630. June 30th is Weeekly’s official debut date, and they plan to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their debut by holding special content to celebrate with the fans.

In the released Coming Soon video, Weeekly completely transforms into a ‘career woman’ by perfecting the office look by using a shirt and suit, the video also presents Weeekly’s unique fresh charm.

On the other hand, according to the concept of the video, they happen to be 2 teams namely Team Kkondae consisting of Lee Soo-jin, Park So Eun and Lee Jae Hee and Team MZ consisting of Mondat, Jihan and Joa. This can be seen from the employee ID hanging around the member’s neck, reinforcing expectations and curiosity about this content.

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