Choi Yena Still Performs the Song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ on SBS Inkigayo Despite the Controversy

South Korea – Previously, Choi Yena’s single entitled ‘Hate Rodrigo’ drew controversy because it was considered offensive to singer Olivia Rodrigo. The music video of the song is often taken down from YouTube.

Despite the controversy, Choi Yena still performed the song on SBS Inkigayo. See below in full.

Choi Yena Performs ‘Hate Rodrigo’ on SBS Inkigayo

On this day, July 2, 2023, Choi Yena appeared on SBS Inkigayo. He also appeared energetically performing his newest song, ‘Hate Rodrigo’.

On the SBS Inkigayo stage, Choi Yena wore a sleeveless yellow top while performing stunning choreography. The performance has also been uploaded on YouTube SBS.

Again ‘Hate Rodrigo’ itself is one of the tracks in his single album entitled HATE XX. The album includes a total of 3 songs, namely BAD HOBBY, WICKED LOVE, and Hate Rodrigro.

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