Circulating photos make a scene, Han So Hee denies dating Chae Jong Seok

South Korea – Han So Hee finally opened up about the issue of dating model Chae Jong Seok recently.

This news emerged after a series of photos circulated which raised accusations that Han So Hee and Chae Jong Seok were having a love story. Here’s more through the review below.

Photos of Han So Hee and Chae Jong Seok appear

Han So Hee, Chae Jong Seok

In the midst of her activities as an actress and also a brand ambassador, Han So Hee is involved in dating rumors with a man named Chae Jong Seok.

In the series of photos circulating, Han So Hee is seen walking with a man who is claimed to be Chae Jong Seok.

Apart from that, there are also photos that suggest that Han So Hee and Chae Jong Seok wore the same clothes, visiting similar locations.

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