Clumpy Lashes Tutorial a la K-Beauty, Enchanting K-Pop Idol Trends

PeekSeleb – The Clumpy Lashes trend is a phenomenon in which the eyelashes appear thicker, clump and blend together. This creates a dramatic and intense effect, which gives the impression of bigger eyes and protruding eyes.

This trend has captured the hearts of many K-Beauty fans as it gives a unique and striking look. So, what is the Clumpy Lashes trend a la K-Beauty and how to make it look like a K-Pop Idol? Let’s take a peek!

What are Clumpy Lashes?

Clumpy Lashes
Source: Allure

Why has the K-Beauty Clumpy Lashes trend become so popular? One of the main reasons is because K-Pop idols often flaunt this look in their stage appearances.

In K-Beauty’s Clumpy Lashes trend, lashes are left looking thick and clumpy, creating a dramatic effect that makes eyes appear bigger, sharper, and more prominent. This goes against the traditional trend of neatly separated lashes.

This trend emerged as a way to create a striking look that was different from the more natural lash look. K-Beauty fans and K-Pop idol fans are interested in trying this Clumpy Lashes look so they can imitate the appearance of the idols they admire and feel the charismatic aura that these idols have.

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