Concern for Lou Gehrig’s Patients, Shuhua (G)I-DLE Donates IDR 118.2 Million


South Korea – (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua recently showed concern. He took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is a challenge to care for Lou Gehrig’s patients.

Not only that, the idol even donated with a fantastic nominal. Let’s take a peek at the challenge conducted by Shuhua GIDLE.

Shuhua GIDLE joins the Ice Bucket Challenge

Recently, on his social media, Shuhua (G) I-DLE showed off when he did the Ice Bucket Challenge. In the video, his whole body is doused with ice cold water.

Shuhua did this to support Lou Gehrig’s patient, a disease that attacks the nervous system of the sufferer and causes the sufferer to slowly lose muscle strength.

In his statement, he admitted that he received a challenge from Soyeon GIDLE. Shuhua said he was happy to be able to join the challenge.

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