Cool! Bintang Darmawan Releases Second Single Titled ‘We Can Make It Happen’

PeekSeleb – Bintang Darmawan is increasingly showing his talent in the world of singing. Armed with the passion to always be the best, Bintang Darmawan launched his second single entitled “We Can Make It Happen”.

The launch of Bintang’s second single song also marked the end of Bintang Darmawan’s tenure as Miss Teen International Indonesia 2022. Really? Read more below.

Second Single Launching

Darmawan Star

This song tells about how the younger generation has to write dreams as high as stars and keep on pursuing them until they can get what they want and become stars.

If you look at the lyrics and the message you want to convey, the second single from this beautiful teenager who is familiarly called Bintang is almost the same as her first single, “Bintang di Hatimu”, where both of them want to convey the message that today’s youth must always shine, shine and always enthusiastic to achieve goals.

However, there is a slight difference in the second single entitled “We Can Make It Happen”, the song and music arrangements are made more cheerful and more uplifting.

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