Daebak! Actor Park Hyung Sik Wins Best Actor Award at Asia Top Awards 2023

South Korea – Actor Park Hyung Sik won the Best Actor award at the prestigious award ceremony entitled ‘Asia Top Awards 2023’. This actor previously played in a drama called ‘Youth Moon’.

What is the information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Asia Top Awards 2023

Park Hyungsik

The prestigious award ceremony entitled ‘Asia Top Awards’ was held at the Air Force Convention Hall in Bangkok, Thailand on July 2 (local time). Through this award, Park Hyung Sik took home the award as the best actor.

The ‘Asia Top Awards’ is an awards ceremony held in collaboration with entertainment companies that create valuable works from a global perspective. Through this event, Park Hyung Sik showed his potential as a ‘genre predator’ through the drama ‘Youth Moon’.

Through the drama he was awarded the Best Acting Award at the ‘Asia Top Awards’ and became the spotlight throughout Asia. It appears he is with Thitiwat Ritprasert and PEAK. standing shoulder to shoulder with the other stars.

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