Daebak! EXO Album ‘EXIST’ Sold 1.56 Million

South Korea – The Hallyu group EXO, which opened the door for the 3rd generation of K-pop, is reported to have managed to sell 1.56 million with its latest album, titled EXIST. With this, EXO broke his own record and continued his career high by achieving the highest Initial Chodong sales ever.

From 2013 until now EXO has become the 7th million seller in their career. So how is the information? Come on, take a peek below.

EXO EXIST Album Sold 1.56 Million



Launching from Newsis on Monday, July 17, 2023, according to SM Entertainment, EXO’s 7th full album titled EXIST, which was released on July 10, 2023, has exceeded 1.07 million copies sold on the day of release based on the Hanteo Chart, a record sales tally site, to one million sellers.

Meanwhile, the total according to Initial Chodong’s records (first week after release) was 1,562,649 copies. With this, EXO broke their own record for this album and continued their career high by achieving the highest Initial Chodong sales ever.

The regular album vol.7 also achieved good results on global charts such as number 1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 70 regions around the world, as well as number 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart and number 1 on China QQ Music and Kugou Music Digital Album Sales. Charts.

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