Deplorable that 2NE1 disbanded, Sandara Park said that her group could become legendary

South Korea – On July 12, Sandara Park appeared in 1theK Originals YouTube video content. In the 18-minute content, Sandara Park reveals interesting facts about the disbanded 2NE1 group.

Want to know what it’s like? Come on, check it out in full below!

Sandara Park said 2NE1 would become the most legendary KPop group if it didn’t disband

sandra park
Source: YouTube/1theK

In the 1theK Originals video, Sandara Park does answer some questions and looks at articles about 2NE1. When looking at 2NE1’s activity period, Sandara Park seemed to regret the decision to disband the group.

“This is very sad. Not that we are not 2NE1 because we disbanded. Well, I think the members will always agree with me,” said Sandara Park on YouTube 1theK Originals launched on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

The production team then reminded Sandara Park about her performance at last year’s Coachella. Sandara Park also did not have high expectations for her appearance, but was amazed by the screams of the fans.

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