Different from the others, NMIXX was chosen as the ‘ReFa Heart Brush’ comb model

South Korea – The group made by JYP Entertainment, NMIXX is reported to have been chosen to be the ReFa Heart Brush model from Koreatech which is a beauty and health company.

The product that chose NMIXX as the mide is a comb that can prevent hair loss so it has good portability for combing. So how is the information? Come on, check below.

NMIXX Becomes Model for ReFa Heart Brush, Koreatech

Launch from 10Asia on Thursday, July 6, 2023. NMIXX, a popular girl group under JYP Entertainment, was selected as a model for ReFa Heart Brush, Koreatech, a beauty and health company.

This product has been recognized for its product quality, such as winning the first place in the ranking brush comb for 19 consecutive weeks on the representative e-commerce platform.

The company explains that the design features a beautiful mood enough to arouse women’s desire to own one. This product can prevent hair loss so it has good portability for combing.

The product is light with three-level comb teeth loosens frizz and gives hair calm and softness at the same time. Heart-shaped shape, which is easy to hold when combing hair, naturally distributes power.

Tak Eun Seon as the marketing manager said that the comb products and NMIXX had something in common.

“Beautiful charm that makes your heart flutter just by looking at it is what NMIXX and Heart Brush have in common,” said Eun Seon, reported by Intipseleb from 10 Asia on Thursday, 6 July 2023.

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