Dinotis Jungkook BTS Because of a similar face, Hirai me until I can’t sleep

South Korea – Shim Hyung Did not divulge the reaction of his fiancé Hirai Saya, when Jungkook BTS was caught saying his name.

As is well known, recently the figure of Hirai Saya has been busy in the spotlight because it is said to have a similar face to Jungkook BTS. Here’s the full review below.

Hirai I Can’t Sleep Notified by Jungkook BTS

Hirai Me

On the eve of his wedding day with Hirai Saya, Shim Hyung Tak appeared on a program made by MBC titled Where is My Home which aired June 29, 2023.

At that moment, other members admitted that Shim Hyung Tak’s wife did have a face similar to Jungkook BTS.

Replying to this statement, Shim Hyung Tak immediately uncovered the secret that his wife not only has a face similar to Bighit’s Kpop idol, but is also one of his fans.

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