DISPATCH Intervenes, Reveals Evidence of FIFTY FIFTY Controversy with ATTRAKT Agency

South Korea – In a new exclusive published on July 4 KST, media outlet Dispatch outlines the process the girl group FIFTY FIFTY created by the hands of Jeon Hong Joon and Ahn Sung Il. In addition, the founder of Jeon Hong Joon will also attend a court hearing to determine the validity of FIFTY FIFTY’s exclusive contract with ATTRAKT.

So what is the problem with ATTRAKT’s agency exclusive contract with FIFTY FIFTY? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

The Beginning of FIFTY FIFTY

According to Dispatch, three key figures were involved at the start: Jeon Hong Joon, Ahn Sung Il, and KAMP

1) Jeon Hong Joon is the founder of ATTRAKT. Born in 1964, he has management experience working with musicians such as Jo Kwan Woo, Yang Soo Kyung, Yoon Mi Rae, Bobby Kim, and Ha Sung Woon.

2) Ahn Sung Il is the CEO and chief producer of The Givers. He is known to have produced music for J-Walk, Eun Ji Won, Rumble Fish, etc. Singer Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) is currently a contract artist with The Givers.

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