DO EXO Opens Instagram Account, Already Follow?

South Korea – EXO comeback with the release of an album titled ‘EXIST’ on July 10 yesterday. Coinciding with that, DO EXO created his Instagram account.

DO is known to be one of the members who is known not to open social media accounts. Now, his Instagram account is immediately busy following fans.

So, what is DO EXO’s Instagram account name? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

DO EXO Create Instagram Account

On July 10, DO joined by opening a personal Instagram account. This was also confirmed by DO and the other EXO members themselves during EXO’s ‘EXIST’ comeback countdown live stream which was held on the same day at 16:30 KST.

For his first post, DO uploaded a picture of EXO’s seventh album title track ‘Cream Soda’ (which was just released today at 6 PM KST) along with a picture of himself on the next slide wearing the same outfit he wore during the live stream.

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