ETA – NewJeans Song Lyrics Complete with Indonesian Translation


South Korea – On July 1, NewJeans held a fan meeting called ‘Bunnies Camp’. During the event, they pleased their fans by performing a pre-release song entitled ‘ETA’.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ second mini album will officially be released on July 21. In the album, 6 of their new songs will be released, including ‘ETA’. Let’s see the lyrics!

ETA – NewJeans Lyrics with Romanization Hangul

Neon goeropjiman siganeun
Seodulleoseo jeongrihae gyaeneun real bad
Badajumyeon andwae
Know you better trust me
Dapdaphaeseo geurae
Jeobeonedo bwassjiman neo eopseul ttae
Gyaen yeogijeogi nunbicceul bulkhine
He’s been totally lying, yeah

Nae saengil patie neoman mot on geunal
Haeju niga joa nae teun geunal
Ajik n gamjeongeul mollassdeon geunal
Geunde na honjado neoga eopsi geunal
Neomu meosissneun oseul ipgo geunal
Have him say

We can go wherever you like
Baby, say the words and I’m down
All I need is you on my side
We can go whenever you like (Now, where are you?)
What’s your ETA? What’s your ETA?
What’s your ETA? What’s your ETA?
*What’s your ETA? What’s your ETA?*
*I’ll be there right now, with a boy on my arm*

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