EXO’s Chanyeol Participates in Songwriting for b-side ‘Regret It’

South Korea – EXO will be making a comeback to the South Korean music industry. Apparently, Chanyeol EXO participated in writing the lyrics of the b-side song Regret It from EXO’s 7th full album entitled EXIST.

Regret It is an upbeat R&B pop song with groovy bass and a solid 808 beat plus great synthesizers. So how is the information? Come on, check below.

Chanyeol Participated in Songwriting for b-side Regret It
Chanyeol EXO

Launching from Sport Donga on Tuesday, July 4 2023, EXO’s new song entitled Regret It in EXIST’s 7th full album, is an energetic R&B pop song with groovy bass and a solid 808 beat plus good synthesizers.

Chanyeol participated in writing the lyrics. The lyrics contain the message to express intense emotions without regrets.

Another b-side song titled Love Fool is an R&B pop song with a retro synthesizer sound. The honest lyrics express a promise not to give up on love even in the situation of falling in love with a partner who doesn’t easily reveal the truth. feeling.

Meanwhile, EXO released teaser photos of members Xiumin, DO, Kai and Sehun. In the photo, each of them exudes a killer charm, raising expectations for the comeback.

EXO’s regular album vol.7 titled EXIST is expected to consist of a total of 9 songs including the title song Cream Soda. On July 10, 2023, at 6 PM KST, all songs will be released on various music sites.

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