Facts about Kim Soo Hyun’s role in the drama Queen of Tears, Conquer Kim Ji Won’s heart

South Korea – Kim Soo Hyun is confirmed to star in the latest Korean drama entitled Queen Of Tears, which carries the melodrama genre.

Through the drama Queen Of Tears, Kim Soo Hyun is paired with Kim Ji Won and will show their chemistry as a husband and wife.

So, what kind of role did Kim Soo Hyun play in the drama Queen Of Tears? Let’s take a peek together!

Facts about Kim Soo Hyun’s Role in Drama Queen Of Tears

Kim Soo Hyun

After starring in the drama One Ordinary Day two years ago in 2021, this year Kim Soo Hyun will return with his latest drama project entitled Queen Of Tears.

Kim Soo Hyun was appointed to play the role of Baek Hyun Woo, a lawyer for the conglomerate Queens Group.

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