Fighting Acting with Ji Chang Wook, Lim Ji Yeon Receives an Offer to Star in the Revolver Movie

South Korea – Lim Ji Yeon is currently receiving many drama and movie offers. Even in the midst of his drama entitled Lies Hidden in My Garden, Lim Ji Yeon has been asked to star in a big screen film.

So what kind of film will Lim Ji Yeon star in? Come on, check out the details below!

Regarding Lim Ji Yeon’s latest film

Lim ji yeon

Launching from OSEN, Lim Ji Yeon recently received a casting offer from the film Revolver and has confirmed his appearance. According to media reports, Lim Ji Yeon is shooting a movie.

In the film Revolver, Lim Ji Yeon will play the character Jung Yoon Sun, and is expected to create an interesting chemistry with Jeon Do Yeon. Ji Chang Wook even joined the cast and many other actors.

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