Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia Dinner with CRAXY in Jakarta, Gives Hyejin a Birthday Surprise

Jakarta – Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia are known to be co-producers of the South Korean girl group, CRAXY. Finally, the two couples met CRAXY in Jakarta.

Not only did they meet, the familiar atmosphere was again illustrated through the birthday surprise prepared by Glenn and Chelsea for Hyejin CRAXY, you know. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the excitement of the moment below.

Glenn and Chelsea Meet CRAXY in Jakarta


Photo : Instagram/@glennalinskie

Through their Instagram Story, Glenn and Chelsea compactly share their meeting moments with the girl group CRAXY who are visiting Jakarta.

The exciting moment of their meeting was illustrated by the lively event. The familiar atmosphere was seen when Glenn’s children, namely Nastusha and Dante, immediately played with the CRAXY members.

“I miss eonni & noona @craxy_official. Welcome to Jakarta girls (heart emoji),” quoted on Friday, July 14, 2023.

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