Had become a rumor, Hwasa MAMAMOO signed a contract with P Nation at PSY’s concert


South Korea – Recently, Hwasa MAMAMOO reportedly joined P Nation after leaving RBW. At that time, the two agencies could not confirm the news.

A few days later, at PSY’s concert, the founder of P Nation finally officially announced that Hwasa was P Nation’s new artist. Here’s more!

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa signs contract at PSY’s ‘Summer Swag 2023’ concert in Seoul

Source: P Nation

On June 30, Hwasa made a special appearance at PSY’s ‘Summer Swag 2023’ concert in Seoul. The most surprising thing was that PSY announced that Hwasa would be signing a contract as a sign of officially joining his company, P Nation.

“I run a small agency called P Nation. The company said we have an important contract to sign,” said PSY as the founder of P Nation at his concert event.

Then, PSY’s team on set lifted a table onto the stage and jokingly asked for the audience’s understanding. At that time, PSY explained that he needed to stop the show in order to sign this important contract.

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