Haechan NCT’s Favorite Ganjang Gejang Recipe, Korean Spiced Fresh Crab


South Korea – Ganjang Gejang is a South Korean dish made from raw crabs marinated in soy sauce. This dish is very popular in South Korea and is considered as one of the most delicious seafood and his favorite food is NCT’s Haechan.

Ganjang Gejang is usually served as an appetizer in more formal Korean meals or as a delicious snack at restaurants or food stalls. So what is the recipe and how to make it? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

The Origin of Ganjang Gejang

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Ganjang Gejang is a traditional South Korean dish that has a long history. The origins of Ganjang Gejang can be traced back to ancient Korea, more than a thousand years ago. However, these foods have undergone development and variation over the centuries.

The origin of the word ‘Ganjang Gejang’ comes from two words in Korean, namely ‘Ganjang’ which means ‘soy sauce’ and ‘Gejang’ which refers to “raw crab.” So, literally, Ganjang Gejang means ‘raw crab in soy sauce.’

In the past, Ganjang Gejang was originally created as a way to preserve raw crabs. Koreans in ancient times stored crabs in the sea’s salty water which is rich in salt and spices. This fermentation process helps preserve the crab and gives it a unique taste.

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